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Smart-4-Fabry - Innovation to improve the quality of life of Fabry disease patients

The European-funded project Smart-4-Fabry has been conceived to obtain a new nanoformulation of GLA enzyme using nanocapsules, that will improve the toleration and efficacy compared to the current enzyme replacement treatment with non-formulated GLA. The innovation aims to achieve a significant reduction of the actual high cost of Fabry disease treatment and an improvement in the quality of life of Fabry disease patients.

Join the final project workshop on 03-FEB-2021. Details and more information about the project under

Follow Up: Webinar - Informed decisions in dermal drug development with dOFM

We are pleased to announce that we have prepared some useful content from our Webinar "Informed decisions in dermal drug development with dOFM". Please find below a collection of valuable insights, a comprehensive Q&A Catalogue and easy access to all relevant resources. Browse through a collection of questions raised by our listeners during the live webinar to see which topics are particularly relevant for our audience. Take a more detailed look at the slides and download the presentation including some additional notes from our dOFM experts.

Live Recording

Presentation Slides

Speaker Notes

Q&A Catalogue

FDA published Video about OFM

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently published a video showing the potential of dermal open-flow microperfusion (dOFM) for generic drug development. 

FDA approval for most topical generic drugs requires a clinical endpoint study to compare the therapeutic effect with the original product. JOANNEUM RESEARCH HEALTH has developed a new method and strategy (dOFM) to apply for the approval of generic drugs without the need of a clinical endpoint study. Now, the FDA has released a short video illustrating the use of dOFM to evaluate bioequivalence for topical drugs.

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