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Our innovative OFM (open flow microperfusion) sampling technology is a valuable tool for PK-PD studies in neuroscience, dermatology, oncology, and biomarker research. Minimally invasive, membrane-free OFM probes enable access to the entire biochemical information of the interstitial fluid from brain and peripheral tissues, and thus opens up new horizons in preclinical and clinical drug testing.


OFM studies reduce costs by providing a complete pharmacological profile early in drug development.


OFM probes enable continuous sampling from clearly specified tissue types.


OFM samples all substances from the interstitial fluid independent of size, lipophilicity or protein-binding.

New Clinical Partnership Announcement

JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH and AXIS Clinicals LLC are excited to announce the first ever partnership for the clinical applications of dermal open flow microperfusion (dOFM™) technology. 

Key Features & Applications

Membrane-free sampling

The distinct advantage of OFM lies in the direct access to the interstitial fluid of different tissues by using membrane-free probes. Membrane-based sampling is often limited to sampling low molecular weight or hydrophilic substances. Membrane-free OFM probes feature an exchange area with no diffusion barrier, hence sampling is not restricted by the size or lipophilicity of substances or protein binding effects.

OFM Membrane-free sampling
OFM Products - Investigate diseases and treatments

Investigate diseases and treatments

OFM enables the investigation of disease biomarkers directly in the affected tissue and can be used to continuously monitor therapeutic effects on tissue level. Resulting OFM data are barely influenced by other metabolic processes in the body contrary to standard blood sampling. Time-resolved profiles over longer time periods allow the assessment of treatment effects and can be performed at multiple test sites in one subject.  


Using our innovative dOFM technology, we design customized test set-ups in order to generate reliable data as early as possible in drug development. Read more

cOFM technology allows a look beyond the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and assesses concentrations and effects of neuroactive substances in the targeted brain tissue. Read more

We plan and perform studies to evaluate the bioequivalence for topical dermal generics directly in the dermis using a pharmacokinetics approach with dOFM. Read more​​​​​​​

aOFM technology is used to monitor drug distribution and drug-tissue interaction after subcutaneous injection by providing direct access to the interstitial fluid. Read more



Skin Tissue

Dermal OFM (dOFM) measures PK/PD of drugs in the dermis after topical or systemic application.
e.g. antibodies, protein-bound drugs.


Brain Tissue

Cerebral OFM (cOFM) monitors BBB function and drug transport across the intact blood-brain-barrier (BBB).
e. g. nanoformulations, antibodies.


Adipose Tissue

Adipose OFM (aOFM) assesses transport routes, drug dispersion and drug effects in adipose tissue,
e.g. insulins, GLP-1 receptor agonists.

Insight: Dermal Research at JOANNEUM RESEARCH HEALTH

Dermal Research Focus_Frank Sinner

Frank Sinner, Vice President Regulatory & Strategic Affairs at HEALTH - Institute of Biomedicine and Health Sciences, introduces OFM in a new video interview series, highlighting projects and services in the area of dermal research.

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