PK of nanoformulated cancer drugs in the brain

cOFM was successfully used to measure substance transport enhanced by nanocarriers across the blood-brain barrier




The treatment of neurological diseases drugs requires the transport of drugs across the protective barrier of the brain – the blood brain barrier. The sponsor of this study was interested to test different formulations of a cancer drug regarding their efficiency to reach the intended target in the brain.

OFM Reference Project - cOFM PK of nanoformulated cancer drugs in the brain


A new nanoformulation for an existing brain cancer drug was compared with the established formulation regarding substance transport across the BBB. In a preclinical setup we used cOFM to measure substance concentrations in the brain.



BBB intactness was confirmed 14 days after cOFM implantation by the integrity marker sodium fluorescein.

OFM results showed a significantly higher concentration of the nanoformulated drug in the brain tissue compared with the generic formulation of the drug.

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