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Novel Insulin Infusion Catheter Provides Full Functionality in Clogged State – An Imaging Study

Thomas Altendorfer-Kroath 1, Simon Schwingenschuh 1, Pernelle Kruse Schøndorff 2, Rasmus Juliussen 2, Matthias Heschel 2, Frank Sinner 1, Thomas Birngruber

Assessment of skin permeability to topically applied drugs by skin impedance and admittance

Simon Schwingenschuh , Hermann Scharfetter, Ørjan G Martinsen, Dr Beate Boulgaropoulos , Dr Thomas Augustin , Katrin Tiffner , Christian Dragatin, Dr Reingard Raml , Christian Höfferer, Eva-Christina Prandl, Dr Frank Sinner , Dr Martin Hajnsek
Scientific publication

Continuous Sampling of Immune Cells in the

Dr Thomas Birngruber , B. Prietl, M. Bodenlenz , P. Florian, A.Subramaniam, Sonja Kainz, BSc , G. Rauter, Dr Frank Sinner

Quantification of Basal Insulin Peglispro and Human Insulin in Adipose Tissue Interstitial Fluid by Open-Flow Microperfusion.

Katrin Tiffner , Dr Beate Boulgaropoulos , Christian Höfferer , Dr Thomas Birngruber , Niels Porksen, Helle Linnebjerg, Parag Garhyan, Eric Chen Quin Lam, Mary Pat Knadler, Siak Leng Choi, Prof Dr Thomas Pieber , Dr Frank Sinner
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