September 2022

Call for Partnership

JOANNEUM RESEARCH HEALTH is seeking a limited number of clinical partners to adopt the Clinical Dermal Open Flow Microperfusion ( dOFM™) development approach. 

For the last decade, JOANNEUM RESEARCH HEALTH has been pioneering the use of our proprietary dermal Open Flow Microperfusion (dOFM™) technology to support the translational development of dermal drug products. By obtaining pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics data at or near the sites of action in skin, dOFM™ studies have been able to rapidly derisk/endorse drug development decisions. As we are seeking long-term, synergetic partnerships, we are open to innovative propositions to create a win-win arrangement with potential partners. Please forward your letter of interest (LOI) until December 31, 2022

For further inquiry and LOI submission, please contact:

Partnership Opportunity

We will provide a comprehensive technology transfer package, which includes:

  • Transfer, training and certification of the dOFM™ technology and clinical protocols

  • Exclusive purchasing/leasing of the clinical dOFM™ components and hardware

  • Right-to-use of the dOFM™ trademark and patents for the associated services

  • Re-certification and continue education program for the partner staff

  • Technology support and optional consultancy service to facilitate trial execution

  • Bespoke dOFM™ technical literature and publication to support marketing campaign

The potential partners are expected to:

  • Possess strong track record and significant experience (> 7 years) in conducting clinical trials to support dermatology drug development

  • Possess all qualifications (e.g., license and certification) and suitable facility to conduct clinical dOFMTM trials in Europe, including established QM system for regulatory reporting and audit

  • Provide dedicated staff to be trained and certified to conduct clinical dOFMTM trials

  • Initiate and participate in relevant dOFMTM marketing campaign, including representations at conferences and trade shows

Financial Terms

We envision the financial agreement with the partners to include:

  • Upfront, one-time payment to cover the initial training/certification and tech transfer

  • Annual maintenance fee to re-certify staff and update technology/protocol in order to retain the right to use dOFM™ trademark/patents

  • Project volume-based commission


Dermal Open Flow Microperfusion (dOFM™) is a proprietary continuous skin tissue sampling technique developed by JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH. It has been successfully applied in the in-vitro (using ex-vivo animal and human tissues), preclinical in-vivo (rat and pig models) and clinical settings to generate unique, time-resolved dermal PK/PD data to support dermatology drug development. 

Specifically, clinical dOFM™ studies have been conducted to determine PK-PD correlations at or near the site of action to de-risk and endorse later-stage clinical trials and further development decision. For example, clinical dOFM™ PK/PD data have been used to support first line treatment approval of Secukinumab in several countries. Furthermore, we have been collaborating with US FDA since 2017 to show that the dOFM™ is the only proven clinical cutaneous pharmacokinetic approach to be able to establish bioequivalence for topical generics. 

From such collaboration and our extensive clinical trial experience, we have developed a unique set of expertise and standardized protocols for conducting and interpreting clinical dOFM™ trials. Finally, JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH is the sole source of the CE-certified, clinical dOFM™ components and hardware, including the purpose-built precision push-pull pumps.

Contact Us

We are seeking a limited number of qualified partners, so please forward your letter of interest (LOI) by December 31, 2022

For further inquiry and LOI submission, please contact us via the contact form or by e-mail: