About OFM

A new sampling method

Open flow microperfusion (OFM) is an in-vivo sampling technique that builds on the strengths of continuous, minimally invasive interstitial sampling methods such as microdialysis (MD). But instead of a membrane, OFM uses probes with macroscopic openings to exchange substances in a liquid pathway that is based on convection rather than diffusion so that the exchange can occur non-selectively in either direction. The direct liquid pathway between the probe’s perfusate and the surrounding interstitial fluid (ISF) provides a diluted but otherwise unchanged ISF sample, since no dialysis or filtering occurs. OFM provides unfiltered, merely diluted interstitial fluid from the investigated target tissues (skin, adipose, brain tissue). Endogenous and exogenous substances present in the interstitial fluid of targeted tissues can therefore be quantified without the risk of investigating an altered sample.

OFM represents a universal, continuous, tissue-specific sampling method with no nominal cut-off value, which provides the opportunity to investigate all substances regardless of their physico-chemical properties. All substances ranging from ions up to entire immune-competent cells are present in the collected OFM samples which closely reflects the actual ISF composition around the probe. Sampling is not restricted by the size or lipophilicity of substances or any protein binding effects.

  • OFM is a probe-based method for continuous in-vivo sampling of interstitial fluid.
  • OFM is particularly suitable for the analysis of large, lipophilic substances.
  • OFM can be used for PK,PD and BE in skin, brain and adipose tissue.
  • OFM probes are CE labelled for clinical PK/PD studies in skin and adipose tissue
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Quality Standards

  • EN ISO 9001:2008
  • EN ISO 13485:2012
  • GLP – Good Laboratory Practice